A Serene Ceremony in a Serene Forest

DSC 2418 198x300 A Serene Ceremony in a Serene Forest

In a beautiful forest up in the summit, two people united in marriage. They were drawn to this place by the serene feeling and one of their favorite sports. Bocce Ball… there is a court right on the grounds. Everyone and everything was calm and happy. It was a fall wedding. Katie chose orange and black for her colors. It was an excellent choice amongst all the natural greens and browns of the forest. Brent was smiling from ear to ear with joy and Katie was radiant. The air smelt of pine and was warm even though it was the beginning of October.  Their signing book was a wine barrel specially made and a great talking piece. Everyone was happy and enjoying the fresh air. As night fell, dancing commenced and sparklers were lit. It was a wonderful magical day from beginning to end. We can capture your magical day to! Call us or use our contact page at http://www.bluelabsphotography.com/contact-us/

Speaking of Family Traditions

Every Year, Allen and I attempt to uphold a family tradition we started in 2005. Our Christmas Vacation includes a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. There is nothing like the excitement and bewildered looks on a childs face when they begin the walk into the park. Young and old alike, there is just something special about the feeling you get when you see the park all decorated in Christmas lights, wreaths and other decorations. When it snows on Main Street near the end of the evening,  and who can pass up the haunted mansion decked out in the Nightmare before Christmas! This tradition was born from our oldest sons wishes when he was turning six. His birthday is November 28th. Everyone around us is busy with their own families at Christmas time and no one would show at his birthday parties. We decided to turn things around for him and surprised him Christmas morning 2005. He woke up in a hotel in Disneyland.  This year we were accompanied by our oldest daughter, her husband and our one year old grandson. It made the days spent there even more special. What is your family tradition?  How did your tradition begin? Family is important. We Love Ours!

A Family Engagement Session


BL2 2096 200x300 A Family Engagement Session wedding session photographer kids images gorgeous family engagement children bay area

I love to hear a family’s excitement for an upcoming wedding. It is even more special when the couple getting married decides to include their children in some significant way. Sherita and Michael are getting married in December 2012.  They want their children included in their wedding. So we included them in the engagement session too.  We  took some gorgeous images of just Michael and Sherita and we got the family together for images here and there along the way too. Now they can proudly display an image of their entire family at their wedding as well as their favorite of just the two of them. Have you thought about including your children in your wedding? They can be a huge help and have great insight as to what is truly important on your wedding day. Besides, if your kids are anything like ours, they can make you laugh at the most needed times making you less stressed.  Call us and set up your family engagement session now 925.456.4150 We are your Bay Area Wedding Photographer that is making your memories Unforgettable!

Bay Area Wedding Photographer And Timelines

1 200x300 Bay Area Wedding Photographer And Timelines wedding timelines timeline shots photos photography photographer images bride bay area amazing  Do you find yourself asking,”Why is a timeline so important?” “I am tired of filling out invitations, save the dates, signing contracts for my florist, baker,venue, dj, photographer, marriage certificate and table cards!” From an award winning photographers prospective whose passion is creating beautiful images of you on your wedding day for your home, it is tremendously helpful in keeping everyone on track day of. Now that’s not saying everything is perfect nor on time. Allen has been shooting weddings for more then twenty years and never witnessed everything happen on time. Oh and did I tell you, it is NOT always the bride still getting ready that holds things up. I have been shooting with Allen for more then thirteen years now and there are a lot of factors that can change timing on a very well planned out day with an awesome timeline. Let’s think of your timeline simply as a guide. You have your limo for four hours, venue for 6 hours, ceremony should take 30 minutes, you want to go to another location for photos with your bridal party between the ceremony and the reception. Oh but wait, you also want to join in on cocktail hour to enjoy that special pink cocktail made just for you and your guests to symbolize your favorite wedding color. Getting overwhelmed yet? To ensure you get everything you want on your day, you are going to need a well thought out timeline(guide if you will). A great wedding planner, dj and photographer will work together to make sure you get exactly what you want. Any if not all three of these people should be able to sit down and confidently recommend to you the best timing option for your day. Now keep in mind they each have an agenda for your day to meet. For us as photographers, it is getting those amazing shots like no other for your wall and that you will cherish in your album too forever and ever. All this being said, remember the timeline is not perfect nor exact but if planned out carefully and followed closely, you should get everything you want on your big day!If you would like to see what this Bay Area Wedding Photographer can do for you on your wedding day, please pick up the phone and give Allen and I a call at 925-456-4150 or use our contact page.

Wine & Roses For Adam & Christina

BLP 4848 199x300 Wine & Roses For Adam & Christina wine wedding unforgettable roses memories lodi happy dress bridesmaids It was a warm Sunday in August 2012. Roses were in full bloom. Allen and I drove to Lodi’s famous Wine & Roses. Christina and her two bridesmaids were getting ready. Adam and the guys were just hanging out in anticipation for what was to come later that day.  Once Christina put her wedding dress on, time went by quickly. All of us ladies had a good laugh when we had to use a cell phone to watch a tie tying tutorial since Christina’s dad needed his tie tied and none of us remembered how. Yes, I got pictures.   Christina, her sister and dad were all caught on camera crying through out the night at least once. At one point, all of the children got on the dance floor and the young boys took turns dancing with each of the girls. Everyone was happy and really enjoying themselves. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday too. If you want us to capture your memories on your special day, please give us a call at 925-456-4150 or use our contact us page and remember to have an Unforgettable day!

A Veil To No A Veil……

BL2 5055 150x150 A Veil To No A Veil...... wedding veil tiara styles professional picture photographer photo looks image headpiece ceremony beautiful amazing As a photographer, I love to see a veil in use during a wedding. Why? The images I know I can create that add beauty, depth and dimension to your photograph.  Does this mean every bride should wear one? Certainly not! There are stunning head pieces, tiaras, flower clips and so on that also photograph beautifully.  It truly is your decision and it is unique to you. A professional photographer can work with whatever he or she is given and make it look stunning. You want a veil shot you have seen but don’t really want to wear one? No problem. Do pictures with and without after or before your ceremony. ( I suggest after for your hair style to stay as is)  Undecided? Have you seen the tiara veil mix? Yes, they do exist in many different styles for many different looks. Take a look at some of our images and remember, the decision is all yours and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


Is There Really Such A Thing As A Blue Lab?

DSCN0307 300x225 Is There Really Such A Thing As A Blue Lab?

I have been asked if blue labs really exist at grocery stores, business meetings and so on. I decided to find out for myself and knew if that is so I want one!  Well it is debatable. From my understanding, there is a gene carried by chocolate labs that rarely shows itself. These labs are rare and usually charcoal or silver looking. In actuality, they are chocolate labs.  AKC recognizes them as chocolate labs. Some will debate that another breed of dog was in the mix although testing was done to prove otherwise.

I love our lab “torrie” . She is a chocolate lab but her color really doesn’t matter to me. She is a loyal companion and protector of us and our children. Sadly, she is getting older and graying around her muzzle. In a year or so Allen and I  plan on getting her a “silver/blue” companion lab.  Color doesn’t matter when it comes to personality, loyalty, and companionship. I just think it would be cool to say yes, I have a blue lab because of our business name.

Come Sail Away With Us

BL2 8477 193x300 Come Sail Away With Us yacht wedding vows park laughter groom friends flag family deck dancing bridge bride boat bay at&t american Joey & Tracy chose August 10,2012 for their special day on the bay. They chose to do a “first look” which is becoming more popular. Tracy’s dad lives in Alameda right by the Commodore Event Dock. We happily shot the first looks there. The limo arrived to chauffer their families to the yacht. Family and friends boarded the yacht first. Then the bridal party started to arrive. Tracy , being the bride, was last to board.  It was a gorgeous day and the skies were blue.  It was nearing evening and we were about to begin. Tracy’s dad took her arm as she got to the top of the stairs on the boat.  Joey looked startstruck as he watched his beautiful bride appear from the floor below to the deck they were to be married on in a just a few moments.  With the blue skies, ocean below, city in the background and American flags blowing in the wind, Tracy & Joey exchanged vows and rings and became Mr & Mrs Shorum as his sister cried and her dad held back his tears and their other friends and family cheered. Now the yacht would move out into the open bay. We quickly took pictures of the new Mr & Mrs Shorum so that they could enjoy this time with family and friends celebrating their love. As sunset came and went we enjoyed laughter, dancing, toasts and fun.Although it got very dark , AT&T Park was all lit up and we were able to get some pictures of this beautiful couple and their friends looking out at the park from the boats deck. We also captured a few really good ones of  Tracy & Joey with the Bay Bridge lit up behind them. Thank you Tracy & Joey for sharing your day with Blue Labs Photography! You can share yours with us too. Just call 925-456-4150 or use our contact form.


Rommel & Andrea Forever

BL2 4186 200x300 Rommel & Andrea Forever wedding unforgettable memories love friends family event ceremony bouquet Friends and family surrounded Rommel and Andrea on June 28th with love and joy. It was a beautiful sunny day. Andrea and her bridesmaids got ready at the Rose Hotel in beautiful downtown Pleasanton. A classic white Rolls Royce was the vehicle of choice to transport the bride to her final destination. I radioed ahead to let Allen know we would be arriving shortly so he could make sure Rommel and the groomsmen were not outside or in the path to the bridal room at The Palm Event Center. Everything was perfect. Esther from Estonami carried Andreas bouquet into the room and it was absolutely gorgeous. A toast was made with bridesmaids, mom and hairstylist. Allen approached me and asked me quietly to go to the guys and sew a button back on the best mans jacket while he stayed with the bride. ( no, this is not the first time this has happened and yes I always come prepared with a sewing kit in my camera bag for such mishaps)Tony was very happy that I was able to fix his jacket and then I was able to get some images of the guys getting their boutannierre’s on. I was back to Andreas bridal room before she could miss me.  Everything went very smoothly and Rommel and Andrea had a wonderful wedding and reception. With friends and family they laughed, danced and had a great time. We even managed to sneak them out for some gorgeous sunset shots. Call us today and we will give you an unforgettable experience while making your memories Unforgettable too! 925-456-4150

Not Just Puppy Love Here!

It was a beautiful afternoon at our park of choice. Katie and Brent seemed a bit apprehensive at first as they got out of their car to meet us. This faded fast as we talked about their new addition to their family. Goomba is their new puppy and how cute he is. We started their session and everyone relaxed as we laughed and just got into the mood. (Yes, there is a mood.

But that is another blog for another time) Goomba, like all kids his age, was oblivious to the camera and didn’t want to sit still. It was time to explore for him. Now Brent and Katie were starting to relax and give us a glimpse into their feelings for each other. I love when Katie took control and grabbed Brents shirt and brought him into her for a kiss. Goomba took his best shot at the end of the session when he was looking up at his parents hands curiously. Katie was telling me about Goombas little head tilt. I had to master the sound to get him to do it. And… He did it! Brent and Katie are a great down to earth couple. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next month! If you would like us to shoot your engagement session or wedding or both, give us a call or use our contact form today!

A Shot will Do It…..

June 24th, 2012- Vince is about to marry the love of his life. The weather is perfect. The Jefferson Street Mansion is historic and means a lot to his family heritage. This is the day and he is all but calm. The emotional roller coaster of the past year plus some months of planning is finally about to end and he is about to take that last drop with all that is left in him to prove his love and devotion to Jen. In walks his mom, Maria. She gave birth to him and knows what he needs. She sticks to family tradition and delivers a round of shots to Vince and his brave groomsmen that are ready and willing to stand beside him. Maria will do this several times throughout the day. Allen tries to lighten the mood as the men crack jokes and get pictures of them taking shots. Upstairs, Jennifer is attempting to stay calm and hide her nervousness as the time passes us by. She is stunning and doesn’t even know how beautiful she truly is. Her sister and best friend beside her, she gets ready without hesitation of any kind. And then her dad walks into the room and sees her the first time. The pride in his eyes make them shine literally.  He hands her a package and contained within, is a bracelet specially chosen for her  to wear on her wedding day. She can no longer hide her nerves and soon this roller coaster ride must come to an end. Now Jen is fortunate to have two moms too share this day with. Soon the champagne arrives in her bridal suite and she toasts with her moms, best friend and sister by her side. It is time. Their ceremony was beautiful. They cried. They laughed. But most importantly, they vowed to always be there for each other and to love one another for the rest of their lives. We would be blessed to capture your memories too. Call us 925-456-4150

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